The Journey Begins

Destiny Cannot Be Averted

The Power and the Might of Heaven's Angels came to save my life ~ my soul ~ my next generation. Their abundant healing for me, this one that called upon them, was a salvation I couldn't deny.

They, my Brothers in Arms, came and were many. They were the Messengers, the qualified inter-ceders, the warriors and dutiful teachers. Traveling to and fro, sprinting blissfully beyond light speed, my humble prayers and sincere requests for dire intervention became their embraced ambition. To Heaven they belong ~ from Heaven they are ~ that Divine Realm where the One Creator, my Father, my God, resides and they gleefully announce as Heaven.

Heaven, Heaven, Heaven. 

And yet Angels came to my life in pure surprise . . . even to them.

Convergence happened on a fine afternoon of a long summer's day when I prayed the Sacred Invocation calling them to my home. But they were not going to arrive without great fanfare for no sooner had I hailed the 5th, the 6th and at last the 7th, that a great commotion signified their arrival. Backyard trees heaved and shook viciously under healthy green leaves among the sound of a dense tempest. Wind chimes clamored from their anchors and the umbrella of branches overhead bowed. No other yard on the block came alive such as mine. I was terrified, tears pooling in my eyes. What have I done? Yet I was not about to stop. I knew God was close at hand and I needed to finish what I started; mystified, swept in marvel and awe. The invocation so powerful, their wing-speed so seizing among the trees around me, heaving and blustering, trembling and quaking, exuberant and vengeful, Could this be them?

Indeed it was. Invisible as they were, it was them -- sparing no time, mincing no words, they announced, "Maryann, are you listening? We are more than a concept! Pay attention!" They knew my birth name. Again, I was stunned.

And so the truth came to be in the very headiness of my desperate Call, the pronounced invocation, though even doubt grumbled within me, their insistence convinced me otherwise. Beyond wildest imagination, in that moment or any other in this life, even knowing that Angels took me on excursions as a child whereby I called them dreams, I could not forsake the signs that THEY had arrived.

And yet as if the slightest meekest chance it may be the objecting ghost I expected to flee my home, darting in protest from its untimely eviction, my micro recording device would capture the release . . . just in case I could hear the ghost leaving. But instead I'd been wrong.

Instead I heard angels.

Enraged embattled cries spewed against their immortal enemy ~ not the resting dead.

And if I, the mere fly allowed to rest upon the sacred walls of The Kingdom itself, been let inside and I heard. . . I heard Angels in exuberant force and the enemy snivel in fear. I heard the hooves of Angels' galloping horses and shards of metallic swords. Oh yes indeed they arrived. Prisoners shackled and tried under Sacred Law, disseminated to incorrigible sentencing. I listened, astounded, knowing persons can't hear angels. Yet that's exactly what Archangels proclaimed on their way to God for the One And Only Truth.

That was the summer of 2009 and once the most mightiest and holiest of all the Angels learned who I was, that God had awarded me a Special Request before my birth, Avenging Saint Michael wasn't about to let me go. Even as I prayed for their release and a new job instead, they laughed. No, no. You work for Angels now. You cannot just hear us, record us, and not do something about it. You were meant to have this. You will do something with it. And we will teach you.

Forever I am changed. Through this remarkable experience and the vision shown to me in the Blessed Tower, I am convicted of The Truth inside once and for all. I am His obedient child ever more.


Who is Mia DiDio

From the age of 5 years old Mia has been able to truly hear God. Throughout her youth, He provided her with endless stories and poetry that she won numerous writing awards for. Nighttime escapades included Angels arriving to take her on vivid experiences, whisking her around the world to foreign lands, flying, soaring, arriving and carried off inside sparkling clouds, or plunging deep into oceans, where instantly she'd be able to speak a new language. In those exotic faraway places she would learn too, in one night that she was a scientist; or another night speaking French fluently, or an architect, leading teams of others in labs or at design tables. In the oceans she could breathe freely while visiting Mermaid colonies and joining their families for dinner, making plans of existing in their fragile world, all the while Angels would be at her side. Mia's connection with the divine has always been full of lessons and magical experiences that maintained her God connection while at the same time allowed to experience human failures and successes.

Mia's last name DiDio in Italian means Of God. Through the years, waiting, for His response, she asked and asked time and again, What is it I'm supposed to do for you? And though it took many years for God's most esteemed answer, given then shown, she never imagined the magnitude would be that of hearing Angels.

In this Earth Realm some of her educational and work studies have included Law Enforcement and Civil Law Practices ~ Human Development & Psychology ~ Film & Photography Production ~ Advertising & Marketing. Spiritually she spent a number of years studying Japanese Teachings on Spiritual Laws, Past Lifetimes, Karmic Debts & Metaphysical Healings that led to her becoming an Ordained Sukyo Mahikari Light Healing Master (an ancient Japanese method). She's a lapsed Catholic but a compassionate organized religion sympathizer based on her religious devotion to Christ, Joseph, and Beloved 2 Marys: Blessed Mother and the Magdalene, as they are some of her Master Teachers just as they are her Beloved Ancestors. In her current sacred work, she has the privilege to incorporate over 20 years of native studies she learned from monthly retreats to Sedona, Monument Valley, Santa Fe, Colorado and casual teachings from Navajo and Hopi Masters from their Arizona pueblos.

Mia is a gifted, life-long Spiritual Intuitive and Divine Channel that has received many Lessons in Wisdom through inner consciousness teachings that have provided her abilities as Clairaudient (hears), Claircognizant (knows), Clairsentient (feels). She is noted as Heaven's Scribe, Diarist & devoted child ~ She's gifted with the ability to learn of persons' strengths and flaws during writing sessions and sometimes enjoys Divine-Guided Writing Sessions where she gives over control of her pen hand (Angels can't write, as they remind her) ~ She is a Truth Seeker and Public Speaker. Since Authentic Angels and Jesus are not always sweet in delivering their loving messages, Mia is conscious to step from her ego and accept divine deliverance as she hears and records it ~ Her title, Special Angelist, comes from the Angels directly. They jump for joy over how special Jesus and Mary speak of her, and so she is.

She combines Metaphysical, Ayurvedic and Holistic practices along with prayer and Angel healing powers for her own well-being. She stays active in mind, body and spirit through diet, exercise and Divine communication. Bring her to the mountain, she will hike, bike, Zipline, meditate upon or ski it, all with intention and gratitude. 


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