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Mia DiDio resides in the New England area. She is a Special Angelist® ~ a title provided by the Angels that simply means "One who hears & records (AUDIO) the Lord's Angels" and in accordance with Jesus' doctrine, she is Heaven's Messenger. She's been able to hear God her entire life and works to encourage others that they too are hearing Heaven's Angels every day, in every way.

Mia's teachings fit in well with those that are seeking proof that God exists. Her definition of being religious dwells within the sentient realm of daily devotion of calling upon God. That His name isn't Universe or Source. "I choose to live in a positive High State of Self Power & Awe-mazing Love that only comes from Him where I'm allowed to break the barriers of the pages of the Bible."

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"Miss DiDio, are you listening? We're more than a concept!"

~ Recorded from Archangel Michael, Aug. 2009


Evenings of Angels' Voices

"Wonderous Success!" The Angels exalted. "We couldn't have asked anything better at Black Rock, Mia. Our wings are all around you." 

Angels' public presentations at the Black Rock Library in Bridgeport, CT have been Amazing Historical Events!

Filled with friends and new acquaintances, Divine Love and Sacred Messages flowed in the atmosphere. Not only were words shared from Heaven's Archangels but we also beheld the Miracle of hearing our Imperial Lord Jesus himself. I am blessed ~ just as Archangel Gabrielle delivered her promise.


I am continually humbled and loved from the most ultimate presence I have ever known. Thank you all, my spiritual family. ~ Mia DiDio (of God)  

Thy Kingdom Come: Piercing the Sacred Veil

by Mia DiDio 


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