Angel Healings

Overcoming Earth Realm Challenges


We can feel in our bodies, our psyche and even detect by any of our other five senses when something just isn't right with us. Yet sensories can also become polluted. From environmental and manmade sources this includes the negative effects of energy, air and water pollution, power struggles in homes, jobs and between nations, or remnants from physical illnesses like depression, arthritis and stress related ailments just to name a few. Pollutants can manifest into nagging aches and pains, skin rashes, headaches, sleeping problems and numerous other health conditions. These toxins make it more and more difficult to trust what is wrong for us and block out right choices. Pollutants can also stop us from standing up for ourselves, beaten down emotionally from affects of harsh Earth realities.

When you begin working with, accepting and believing in the power of Heaven's Archangels, there is no delay in their bringing healing energy from the very first invocation and prayer. They can see inside your body, see the Invisible Realm your aura resides, and see problems that doctors would find after tests, probes and scans. The Archangels are not saying to replace the skilled knowledge of physicians, but that they work in tandem with you and your body to connect the Mind-Body-Spirit System. When you knowingly embrace their existence in your life, Angels will recommend many natural improvements to get you and keep you vibrant and healthy according to God's plan, and the Akashic Plan you agreed to before coming to live in the Earth Realm. The Archangels' suggestions for living a healthier life can be as simple as drinking more water to replace the ingestion of manufactured sodas, teas, and coffees that contain high amounts of poisonous ingredients harmful to organs, cells and tissues. The Archangels will ask that you exercise more, stop eating other certain foods, quit smoking, and work together with Their Spirit to keep things in balance. They showed how we are caretakers of these bodies on loan to us from God, His gift. Part of our responsibility as gratitude to remain in this Earth Realm is to take care of the body entrusted to us; if not, we will suffer the consequence of illness and attracting that which we do not want. 

Holistically, the Archangels are the Spirit Connective Element of the Mind-Body-Spirit System we absolutely need to heal. Recovery from an illness or accident happens from the help and care of these Angels at the Spirit level each and every time, unless that person was promised to transition from life whereby Angels answer their duty from Heaven and cannot change that Order from God's command. He is the keeper of His promises.

What is Holistic? A holistic approach recognizes that the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each person comprise a system. By working with this system wholly the cause of an illness is targeted rather than just the symptoms.

Prayers to God

Our Prayer Angels carry your prayers straight up to God, Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary, Joseph, the Magdalene, countless saints and other awaiting Angels, each separate Divinity holding ministry over their strengths to respond accordingly. 

I've heard this symphony of prayers. Voices upon voices, rising and rising, swirling in atmosphere yet filling my room and ears in purest passion, one of my most beautiful and amazing experiences yet. A wonderous gift allowed me to hear multitudes of prayer from every human on Earth in both crowd and distinctive unto itself, lifting high into Heaven. From a child praying for good grades or protection from punishment to parents agonizing at bedside hospitals to famine suffering countries. Words from prayers full of joyous tears and heartbreak wails. I heard the foreign languages of magnitude disasters. There is one sacred receptacle of prayer regardless of individual religious beliefs and that is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Every, every, every word meant for Heaven billows upward and arrives safely. Angels work with Heaven to answer each and every one.



The Archangels ask that when you pray, to use your name. Not that prayers will ever be ignored but when you say your name, conviction of your allegiance to the Holy Realm transpires. It also helps our collective sacred ministers with efficiency and response. If you could hear a fraction of what sounded like billions and trillions of prayers in one minute in one night, you would so agree to make this one small change. We've heard the saying, "Be careful what you pray (wish) for" ~ The Archangels are eager for you to learn the true meaning and all it takes is for you to be specific. When you pray for a new car, a new job, a new love, all prayers are welcome but that doesn't mean answers to those prayers are coming forth. So many people I hear from are frustrated that prayers are not answered and yet you have the power for the answers yourselves. Pray for what you need according to divine sense. If not, to just pray for a new car instead of one you can afford, you just may get a lesson in living outside your means. Ouch! If you're struggling out of the terrible economic collapse our country experienced in the last decade, pray for a car that's safe, dependable and inside your budget and put aside your worry. The pretty roadster will come in time. Heaven loves and encourages small steps.

If you are job hunting, now is the perfect opportunity to pray for that job that fits your Divine Promise to put you, or keep you, on your divine path. Remember that Heaven knows you. They know your heart and what you need to fulfill your Akashic promise. The Archangels are doing everything now to help you achieve that. Keep the faith!






It is right noble to fight wickedness and wrong; the mistake is in supposing that spiritual evil can be overcome by physical means.


~ Lydia Marie Child 1802-1880




Invisible Forces

Some healings require certain bonds to be broken that only the Archangels can attend. This was true in my own polluted Auric Realm. What I thought was clumsiness, a creaky home and just a bout of misfortune with jobs, people and home, turned out to be the menacing interference of the dark angels, causing havoc in the space we cannot see. Negative angels coexist with God's Angels in the Invisible Realm. They become "attached" to us purely attracted to our spiritual strength and vibrant God Light. It's a highly desired force that is pursued to quash, douse, claim and keep from us long enough to create a mess of our Soul Purpose, or destroy us completely.

Most negative presence in our lives is vastly undetectable. If I hadn't been gifted with the ability to hear defiant action through my recordings I would have never guessed, or believed, something else was literally there. I would have never guessed me to be the target. God had always been my center. After all, my birthright is my name but I know God provided both my allies and enemies to allow me to teach others and how to rid them from our lives.

This Gifted Purpose is not to alarm but illuminate areas that hold dark impressions. Most of the undesireable energy exists merely to keep our life a mess and us in confusion, figuratively and literally. If we're confused about God's existence, we're that much farther from His embrace, love, blessings and Truth. And as simple as positive attracts negative, Good-Lighted People can have a lingering attraction that has not been invited.

Negative existence is allowed under spiritual law to help teach us lessons and fit within the Universal Law of free will choices. However, a stranglehold can become out of control that also keeps us from the best God Self we can be and from the Supreme Spiritual Enlightenment we deserve.

A negative presence can even keep us from asking for spiritual help, convincing us nothing is wrong or we must be crazy, or we're accident prone, or we've never learned how to balance a budget, keep a clean house or have peace of mind ~ true peace of mind. A most successful ploy from a negative force is doubt and denial. It seeps into and pollutes our Intuitive Self ~ a defensive gift directly from God for us to use in this Earth Realm. Intuition is kept activated by your Soul Angels, that implore you to reclaim your Intuition to its absolute fullest capacity because even if you "think" God and good and light are the center of your life but the notion that one or more aspects are misaligned, that's your Intuition, your Soul Angel, speaking, struggling by itself to be heard and asking for help. Only we can invite / ignite the Supreme Archangels for Intercession. It must be us to ask for relief, to ask for healing, that may be creating an un-forward life. Please have no fear to explore the possibility that something unseen and unseemly may be playing havoc in your life. Maybe you are just clumsy or maybe an Archangel Invocation will reset your Divine Path and chase that clumsiness from your life.  

Angels Attending Funerals & Bringing Loved Ones to Record Messages

My Angel Work with Compassionate Friends was not by accident, coincidence or even my own compassion for others' time of grief. I too had been a grieving mother. Though it's been a number of years since my amazingly brave son Scotty passed from this Earth Realm and returned home to God, I will forever remember the feeling of loss and the questions that consumed me.

That moment in my history and the work I've been led to do has gifted me with the same tools I use to channel the Archangels; that I've also been allowed to record the voices of our loved ones. They leave this Earth Realm doing everything in their might to get our attention to let us know they're right there in front of us. They too have final messages they strive desperately for us to hear, feel and know ~ to ease our worry, our hearts and thoughts of missing them ~ That they are fine, that they love us, and wish we could only hear their protestations of love and other personal messages. That they are right there.

They attend their own funerals and linger even longer in that invisible dimension around us with their purest intention to heal us from our loss. They remain as long as they are allowed to help us through our pain. Some even choose to become one of our Soul Angels to help protect us evermore.

If you feel the need to hear from someone that is no longer in the Earth Realm, feel free to schedule this Visitation from Call Your Birds page.


Angels Help Quit Addiction Attachments

Your Soul Angels (some refer to as Guardians) are assigned to you before your birth to the Earth Realm. They too make Heavenly Agreements prior to arriving with you here. They're ministered to watch over and guide you through all the free will decisions you make; the good with the bad because each of our souls must follow the Agreed Journey we made with God that is forever recorded in the Akashic Library of Records. These are also referred to as the List of Plans we will follow for every single day of our Earth Lives. Every minute, hour, week, month and year is Divinely Guided by our Creator and registered in the Library.

Some free will comes down to human cause and effect, some aided by Divine Instruction given your Soul Angels and some infiltrated by Angel troublemakers. These are the polar opposites, the balance to the good, the Yin and the Yang. If traveled too far from the good path, the opposite will happily take over; take us from here too soon through addiction and lessons in carelessness.

By our free will choices we make these mistakes all the time, thereby entering into different contracts. By this we take on soul-injuring addictions. Not always by intention but by innocence, ignorance or curosity. We've all heard the phrase wrestling with demons -- well, where do you think that phrase comes from? Words from Heaven have their way of sweeping down into our vocabulary. I know this because I struggled with some addictions myself. I heard the preternatural battles and the exclamations of impending victory from those I'd wished had never found me. That is Truth. That is what Angels will do to help others realize how our human actions can have lifelong consequences. 

If you've been struggling with an addiction or an out-of-control aspect in your life, please do not give way to fear or shame or hopelessness. Those are all small human thoughts and feelings to keep you from Supreme Spiritual Enlightenment. Your Soul Angels want nothing more than to start to heal you and ascend you from humanity into Spiritual Ascension while you're still present in the Earth Realm. The Archangels can be called to battle those that control excessive behavior. Addiction is not a disease. It's negative spiritual attachment that can be generations old and extremely fierce to deal with but you cannot deal with it alone. It lives and thrives in the Invisible Realm that swirls around you and will be banished after you decide to cut those cords and call upon the help of Heaven's Mighty 7 Archangels.


Other Divine Interventions

Many Divine Plans we agree to in order to be allowed our birth in the Earth Realm have to do with Lessons. What we learn from them (suffering, punishment, personal advancement, spiritual growth), how others can learn from them (medicine, law, mechanical improvements, advanced conveniences), how to recognize an approaching lesson (drinking and driving, heated arguments, a violent storm on the way, school graduation or work promotion) and how to acquiesce to a Lesson in Bloom (vehicle out of commission, sick in bed or at home, "plans" falling through, running late or even early) ~ these are the unforeseens, destined for either a negative or positive outcome. 

Japanese teachers will remind you to Thank God for getting a cold or becoming delayed, among other events that present themselves out of your control. A cold helps keep immune systems in tip-top shape to more easily thwart a more serious illness, and a delay has the very real potential of keeping you from harm. And the stress of it all, is one of the biggest thieves of our health here on Earth. Would you rather be here full of energy, good health and a positive heart? Or be sickly, infirmed, trying one medication after the other only to have a bleak and dreary mindset?

The Archangels work to help clear our path to a more blessed existence. They help us find peace in accepting the letting go of something that's happening out of our control. If you're running five minutes late, do not think the worst but turn it around and think the best: an accident happened at the corner that could have been your vehicle; or if you left when you "planned" you might have missed a very important phone call at home or your office.

Likewise, if you've just been let go from a job that held no chance for advancement, you grumbled about it all the time anyway, or three months after you're gone the company building got robbed or caught on fire, letting go are all blessings in disguise. We're always on God Time, following His Plan that is actually Your Plan you made with Him and yet we're not privy to what that Plan is. We were born to stumble upon it and know where it came from. The best we can be, to giving Love to Our Soul, is to be kind to it and accept those sliding doors in life that change our course on a whim of the wind.

Blessings are in everything we cannot fathom the meaning of and by being mindful is a blessed lesson in itself. One of the most profound and knowledgeable books you will ever read is Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie. She has experienced and written The Truth much in the same as I've been shown and allowed to know of Heaven's elements. And though it's obvious I've not yet passed from this Earth Realm this time, much of her story has been revealed to me in other ways that her remarkable journey confirms. 

Global Angel Message ~ We Arrived in 2012 ~ Trust in Us Through Jesus Christ Our Lord

I am Richard, Master of the many thousands of Angels that surround, protect and work with Mia DiDio on her mission to bring the Voices of Angels to the People. These Angels want persons to know that the year of 2012 was created just for you. At no other time in history has the Divine and Sacred Veil of Heaven been so close to you for you to understand God's Truth. We, all Angels, are purely nondenominational. We exist for no specific religion except for the Glory of Christ. Every human walking the face of the Earth Realm has 1, 2 or more Soul Angels protecting them. Some of us have never been born in human form; some of us have been born many times over. Some of us have been the children that died too soon like Mia's son Scotty. Scott Thomas had one important mission to provide her in his very short life span and as soon as that was complete, he left the Earth Realm to remain one of her most esteemed Soul Angels, Daniel the Prophet. You can read a little about him in the bible but please, do not put all your faith in printed scripture though it's important for knowledge. Biblical text is of others' lessons and what is most important that you live and learn your own lessons and trust the faith instilled in you from Father Heaven and his son, The Christ. Stories in the bible help align you to His Truth and your own instilled Intuition, refer to it in companionship with your divine knowledge.

Some of us have always been Angels and we all have different assignments that belong to our assigned roles. We work together and severly, and we get our work done. The future of humans will experience much more success, happiness and joy when working with your Soul Angels that you call your Guardians, and the Archangels. There are the alternatives in our realm that we cannot eradicate fully for even their existence has a purpose; without them, persons would not come to the Truth that Jesus is. Sadly, that does not happen until much human suffering takes place first; the harshest kinds of lessons there are.

But fear not. Be strong while you have this lifetime. Deny the dark powers that can infiltrate with the ease of your next breath. They too exist whether you believe or not. It is better to have the power of the Archangels at your beckon call. We are a legion none too willing to send the despots down to where they belong. Our battle is eternal but then that is why we exist ~ to keep you on the mission you are destined to complete. Delays are the work of fear instigated by the others.

Once you bring us into your life there isn't anything we cannot do. We now have Steve Jobs to help us with technology and computer genius work. He is amazing and you should know that he thinks we're the ones that are amazing. He is both eager student and skilled teacher. He will be of great help as we work to battle our enemies and to close the gap of Earth and Heaven. Mia's audio recordings are just the beginning of the proof of the existence of God and all that we are because of Him. Please listen to our voices and begin to bring us into your lives. There is every profession, skill and problem we can help with to bring comfort and ease while you are here but still we follow the Laws of the Records given to you in the Sacred Tower. That is where Mia received her knowledge when she first met Angels and came to the Earth Realm to bring you the Proof. Many of you too have special gifts that you were allowed to receive. The year of 2012 was the beginning year when many of you were touched "to remember." Please stay aware of the signs; please listen to your Intuition, your Soul Angel, when it's time to contact us. You will be amazed and so very happy you did.

The Lord's blessings and our championship remain with you through Christ. He is very real and He loves every human on your planet. He follows no religion as you call it but His own Truth from His Father. He is the son of God and a powerful master healer awaiting your embrace. Ask Him and He will provide what you seek. And do not deny Mother Mary for she is Our Queen and we hail to her love. The Magdalene and Joseph are equally esteemed in their roles played in your lives. Acknowledgement to them will create miracles you can only dream of but are very real indeed! 


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